BYC Flexitank is an ideal product to store and transport all kinds of non hazardous liquids & chemicals. BYC Flexitank can be placed in 20′ containers and minimizes packaging cost. BYC Flexitank can be loaded up to a maximum of 24,000 litres depending on the bag design and size. Safe for the packing of food products as it is manufactured with FDA approved materials.


Unlike other liquid container such as drum and IBC tank, BYC Flexitank will optimise the use of the container. The one way disposal BYC Flexitank virtually eliminates the possibility of contamination and it is cost effective. No container cleaning is required because the material used to produce BYC check out this article Flexitank is 100% recyclable and and it is cost effective. BYC Flexitank is also easy to install and dismantle.

Flexitank IBC Drum
Number of unit 1 20 85
Per Unit 24,000 liters 1000 liters 207 liters
Total capacity 24,000 liters 20,000 liters 17,595 liters
Filling time 1 hour 2 hours 2 hours
Stuffing time 1 hour 3 hours 3 hours
Manpower 2 person 3 person 2 person
Work space Low Moderate High


BYC Flexitank is ready for the packing of all types of non-hazadous liquids, such as:

Foodstuff Chemical
a. Edilbel oils a. Latex and wax
b. Food additives b. Lubricants
c. Wines c. Plasticiser
d. Glocose d. Hygiene products
e. Fruit juice concentrate e. Bio diesel
f. Mineral water f. Paint and ink
g. Tallow g. Oleo chemicals
h. Plant extract h. Emulsion
i. Sorbitol i. Fertilizers
j. and many more…
Kindly contact us if your product is not listed above.


BYC Flexitank are manufactured from layers of polyeteylene film made from FDA approved virgin resin materials, and comply to Japanese Food Sanitation Law, Shariah Law (HALAL) and KOSHER.

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